Please consider protecting your furniture and personal belongings from
accidental loss or damage.

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We pride ourselves in low rates of damage and property loss of customer possessions. Although we take every care in moving your valuable belongings, unexpected circumstances can occur. These may be due to accidents, vibrations or weather which are beyond our control.

These events can be safeguarded. Just as you insure your valuable assets and property in the home, we recommend that you arrange insurance cover for your possessions during transit and any storage period. This will ensure peace of mind knowing there is complete protection against loss or damage to your household goods and personal effects.

You may want to check with your current home and contents insurer if your policy covers your goods whilst in transit or storage. Be sure to ask your insurer if your policy covers ‘accidental breakage’ in the policy.

Alternatively you can click here for a quick online transit and/or storage insurance quote.